Second EC and First General Body Meeting at Ayyampettai.


On 9.3.2018 First General body meeting and second EC meeting of Sourashtra Madhya Sabha was held at Sangeetha Mahal, Ayyampettai around 11 am. The meeting was headed by Sourashtra Madhya President Dr. S. R. Shriraam Shekher in the presence of Past President T. D. Eswaramoorthy, Kumbakonam Raya Govindarajan, Cabinet officers of Sourashtra Madhya Sabha, Management team of Ayyampettai Sourashtra Sabha and others. Appointed Chairman, President and Secretary of various Sourashtra Madhya Sabha committee’s were introduced and the Chairman of each committee gave a short brief about their committee objective and action plan. Dr. S. R. Shriraam Shekher explained in detail about the recent Gujarat trip and meeting with Prime Minister Narendra Modi at Pondicherry airport. We thank Ayyampettai Sourashtra Sabha for hosting the meeting.